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A//or Lote/

This is my fan troll! This isn't my best picture of her, but this is from when she was originally designed. Here's a profile:

Name: Allor Lotel
Age: 8 sweeps
Gender: female
Star Sign: Ara (The Altar)
Symbol: two cresent moons with the top of one hooking over into the bottom of the other, with a slash through the middle.
Blood Color: Extremely pale yellow is what she says, types in, and wears, but she actually bleeds white. The troll form of albino.
Hive: Made of ice, located on top of a frozen lake. Most other hives around are owned by blue bloods.
Occupation: Techy, works with computer virus repairs.
Troll Handle: arcaneCryptogram
Typing Quirk: Replaces lower case Ls (l) with / and upper case is (I) with . Smilies are all right side up (ie, -_-U ._. <_<)
Personality: Serious, easily annoyed. An example of a usual conversation with her matesprit, Rigel

UT: 4llor~! we h4ven't talked in FOREVER!
AC: <_< 've been busy. Sorry.
AC: Besides, it's on/y been about since /ast night.
UT: i know...
UT: we need to st4rt th4t g4me you g4ve me 2oon!
UT: it2 going to be 2o much fun!
AC: *eye roll* Whatever you say.
UT: =:D *cuddle*
AC: No.
UT: =:( 4we...

Matesprit- Rigel
Moirail- open
Kismesis- open
Auspistice- open
Friends: Rigel
Title: Witch of Blood
Land: Land of Ice and Cold (LOIAC)
Cohorts: Ninja pandas who enjoy practical jokes
Weapon: Electric guitar mixed mixed with an ice shard and an assault rifle
Lusus: (This is a really long theory I made, so I'm not going to go too much in depth here.) In essence, it's the second guardian, as opposed to the first guardians like Doc Scratch and Becquerrel. It's a lot more malicious, and is suppose to live on the pink moon. It looks very troll like in shape, but is pure white with white horns crossing flat across the back of its head, a pink scratch across its face, and pink glowing eyes. Extremely mysterious, and seems to always be trying to make Allor's life a pain in the @$$
Theme Song: Love Song by Sarah Bareilles (Not because of her matesprit, more aimed at society around her and her lusus)

Hope you like her! I'll have another better picture later~


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A//or, Allor, Alternia, Andrew Hussy, fan troll, Homestuck, Lote/, Lotel, troll, yellow blood
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