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Albert's team
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After I made my team, one of my friend's on Facebook wanted a picture of his team so here it is. He only had bios written for two of his pokemon and his trainer self.

Name:Albert (Me,I and my self)
Age:illegal (9)
Gender: boy
Starting Town: Pallet town
When I first came in to the world of pokemon. I was a young kid with a green hair. I was staying at a friends house when he desides to go on his pokemon adventure. Me and his sister thought he had lost it. But he went to see the Doc for a pokemon. Once he did was off on his path. He called a week later to tell us he won his first bagde. We were shocked when he sent us the picture of it. We both stared at each other. Then I thought maybe I should try it out. The next day I went to go see the doc. He raned out of pokemon. So he gave me a list to pick out which one will be my. He reminds me that I can only have one. I pick a psychic pokemon called "Abra" and after that I was on my way to adventures of ordeals and glory.

Pokemon team named: 6 pack

Name: A.J.
Race: Abra
A.J. is my first pokemon I got from the doc. He is learn about any moves. He learned how to fly by using his Telekeisis. Is my personal favorite one of all. He teleports us to safety when we were attack by a gang of assassins sent from an evil group. We both train are minds and we are ready to take a the world.

Name: Feather
Race: Pidgey
Feather was my second pokemon. Pidgey was good one that will find path ways that I can't find. I got him from a pathway that was WAY to dam grass. I wanted AJ burn the grass and make sure it's clear. I didn't. AJ and feather battle was maybe the funniest thing I saw. AJ teleport behind and side of feather and he didn't know any attack yet. Feather heads look like a poppy head on drugs,

Name: Presque
Race: Persian

Modeled after my cat.

Didn't name the others

I used the grass and tree brushes in the background

Alberts Facebook

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