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Roshi and Team
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Wow I so intended to make this earlier!

Well anyways here is my team, it's really unbalanced, as much as I love them I'd never do a play-through on the games with a team like this.
Well, maybe I would. Never is such a strong word.

Name: Roshi (me)
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Starting Town: Pallet town

On my trip to the Pokemon world I made myself into a kid again. This was the first world I traveled to. I had most of my memories of Pokemon erased to prevent world spoilers-some things aren't meant to be changed and remembering the movies and the series would mess things up. I have actually come here to collect Pokemon and copy Pokemon moves and abilities. I worked odd jobs around town to make money to fund my adventure and buy my starter Pokemon. One of the jobs was gardening and housekeeping for Mrs. Ketchum. So I ended up staying with them before I left. I decided to set out when the other trainers left town. I tried to wake up Ash before I left but it was like 4am and he just shouted 'Bulbasaur' when I threw the squeaky toy at him.

Name: Zenia
Race: Eevee
My first Pokemon!(my personal fave). Roshi did odd jobs around town and bought Zenia as an egg and hatched her out! Zenia is friendly, smart and cuddly soft! She is a fair battle Pokemon.

Name: Taeo -pronounced Tay-oh-
Race: Pidgey
Remember that Pidgey Ash tried to catch? (before he went after the Spearow) Well I went and with the help of Zenia caught him! Taeo is a bit of a no nonsense little guy and pretty strong too! He doesn't like Hero's prankster ways and lack of focus.

Name: Starlight
Race: Clefairy
I picked up Starlight when we went to Mt. Moon. Before we left I set down a pokeball and asked the Clefairys if any of them wanted to join me on my journey and she stepped forward and hopped into the ball! She is very curious and likes to explore. She gets along well with the others.

Name: Butterfree -I call her Burr for short-
Race: Kangaskhan
After keeping in touch with Jenny from the Pokemon Reserve, she told me she had found a Pokemon egg that needed a home. Since I had already hatched out one egg successfully she figured I'd be a good person to give it to. I named her Butterfree because of how she is always fluttering her ears. She is still kind of young which is why in the picture she is so short and has no baby.

Name: Fran -a nice male or female name-
Race: Ditto
Fran is another one I got from an egg, dittos were on back order or else I would have gotten it when I got Zenia. Fran's abilities are awesome! I'm hoping to go back and do some training with Duplica and her Ditto. It would seem that they have similar stumbling blocks- whenever Fran transforms it stays pink! When Frans turns into people they have pink hair!

Name: Hero
Race: Skitty
Hero is my ADD Pokemon. I've had a hard time training him for battle, mostly because he isn't interested and is too busy playing or bothering the others. When he is not zooming around he is sleeping. So he is more of a pet now, but that's cool with me. He seems to really like Zenia, the only time I think He'd focus on a fight is if he was protecting her.

I had been meaning to do this for some time and when I saw the challenge So you wanna be a Master? I decided to post them here. hope you like it!

Pokemon Fan Art
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