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Hemifera 01
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This is Hemifera. She is a continuation of a set I have made called “The Detached.” A normal Detached is when two halves of the same whole, one heartless and one nobody, happen to combine back into one but with one or both not desiring to. But this is a human form Detached and so is a little different. They come about when one nobody and one heartless from two different people decide to join into one. They are dazed for a while with their new consciousness, lets say a mouth or so, but many of them are powerful individuals with heart and body being in agreement with each other. Now this means that the new being can be good or evil, depending on what the reason for cooperating is (To stop fighting or to destroy). Hemifera sides just wanted the chance to choose so she is a natural character or that is to say sometimes she is good and others she is bad. She was the first to Detached made this way.

She has the power to control a Keyblade, like most human form Detached. Her keyblade is called NoonNight, with the “Complete” key chain. With is she can recombine a Heartless to it’s Nobody to make a Detached. She also can see who is like her and whole people (normal people) who are of one heart and body like her. Last she can split herself, and the sword, into a Heartless and Nobody beings to do a finishing move but if she is split for too long, she could have trouble connecting again especially if there is a person around who can control a Heartless or a Nobody.

Lastly, it is not common but she seems to have a shadow following her like a puppy. Even though attacks by Heartless and Nobodys are not usual because they are both, it is still strange that this one stays by her.

Ok this idea was first thought of for another challenge but I missed it. It is not colored but I might put a colored version of it in later. I just thought it looked good this way and did not want to chance messing it up.

Ok time for the stats.
Age: 16 assumed.
Height: 5’ 1”
Weight: 120 pounds
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: right red, left green

Personality: She can be good or evil at any time. She is often happy but if she gets mad she will let you know. She is an open book and does as she pleases.

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
Detached, Heartless, Hemifera, Keyblade, Keychain, Kingdom Hearts, MWI, Nobody, OC, Shadow
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