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Bleach: Sorted
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Before the debate begins, allow me to explain my reasoning for House choices.
First off, I wanted four characters for the fours houses (sorry Chad fans/Renji fans/whoever else fans, they didn't make the cut) :/

Inoue = Hufflepuff, a no-brainer, get it?
Actually, she's very intellegent, but probably in a Luna Lovegood kind of way.

Ishida = Ravenclaw, I can easily see him in Gryffindor (as pretty much every other Bleach character), I even played with the idea of Slytherin, but ultimately he's the smartypants.

Rukia = Gryffindor, while Uryu was busy being Slytherin in my head, she spent a short time as a Ravenclaw. But after Ichigo's house was decided upon, she was the clear lion. Sry Kon.

Ichigo = Slytherin, though your jaw might still be dropped with this one, I ask that you hear me out. After I got over my preconceived idea that automatically placed him in Gryffindor, I thought who strives for power more? Sure, it's all for the sake of 'protecting the people he cares about' and oh how Gryffindor of him, but really, it just made more sense to me this way.

Stay tuned for the all Gryffindor version!

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Bleach Fan Art
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