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Pokemon Team 01
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Ok this is my entry for the “So You Wanna Be A Master?” challenge. Most of my pokemon are not the usual choices, except Eevee. So this is what I have.

Weedy: The trainer.
Age: 14
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Look black but there is a small bit of red in them
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Hometown: Azalea Town

He always had a passion to cheer for the underdogs and when they won, it was always in a way no one ever expected. The enjoyment of this is the reason why he had picked the team he did even on a subconscious. His first pokemon was Ditto given to him by his father at the age of seven. Not an easy feat since they are so good at hiding. It was not long till he went out to try to catch more pokemon. The first one he captured was a Paras who would later evolve into his Parasect. By the time he was eight, he had all ready caught all the pokemon in the Ilex Forest and was ready to start his pokemon journey. It was not long before he bought a fishing rod and caught his Magikarp, along with a number of other water pokemon. Later he went east to the Union Caves and north to the Ruins of Alph. Here is where he caught his Unown and Smeargle. For a while Rattata finished his team and though it was hard, he was enjoying everything.

He had not gone very far from his hometown at this point, about a two-day journey to get home. He decided to board the tram and go to Saffron City. From there he went to Celadon City. He saw a gambler who was “playing” with his Eevee he has just won from the Game Corner. He did not like the way he was treating Eevee so he offered a wager, which is darn near impossible for a gambler to resist. The challenge, a pokemon battle for the Eevee or all the money Weedy had, which was quite a bit. They agreed on a one-on-one battle. Since he was wagering it, the gambler decided to use Eevee where Weedy used his Parasect. It was a short battle. Parasect started off with spore; this put Eevee to sleep. Then used Leech Life, Eevee woke up knocked out because that attack was not painful. The gambler tried to say Weedy cheated and it was not fair and tried to return Eevee. Parasect jumped in front of Eevee to block the beam and then used spore on the man. They took Eevee’s ball and returned her then went to the police and told them what happened before they could be accused of stealing her. After that, they decided to return home and Eevee took Rattata’s place in the line up, though he usually rotates his other pokemon with Unown, Magikarp, and Smeargle.

He likes the underdog and likes being the underdog. He would rather have a tough win than an easy victory. He has an attachment to his raincoat like Ash and his original hat. He never got into giving his pokemon nicknames like some trainers have. He has an instinct in seeing the best strategy in battle. The pokemon he uses the most are often the ones with the most potential or the ones that people do not see as a winner in a battle, like Magikarp, though there are some he does not like ether. His training style focuses on attacking the weaknesses of his pokemon until they can find a way around it or surpass it. He is not very social but makes up for it by his passion for the fight. He will battle anyone of any experience but is not a jerk when he wins or looses. He is pretty smart but better at writing that math and prefers just being outdoors in any case.

Ditto: Weedy’s first pokemon given to him by his father and caught on Route 34. Strong willed and prefers to be left alone but if there is not choice, it will fight with determination and fierce resolve. Likes to be Weedy’s arm and sometime turn into an item like a wristband so it can stay outside the pokeball.

Parasect: This was the first pokemon Weedy caught, as a Paras. Parasect is a bit reserved and likes to be by itself. He was well used before but became one of the most utilized after learning spore. He prefers snacking on roots over pokefood likes to just sit out in the sun.

Magikarp: His first water pokemon he had caught and one of his favorites to use especially if his opponent is boastful (I mean really who wants to say they were beaten by a Magikarp). Through extreme training, Weedy has made him fast and strong. On top of that this Magikarp can use his whiskers to actually be resistant to electrical attacks and at times redirect them. Its scales have also has been strengthen making him able to take a lot of attacks. He is one of the more determined Weedy’s group. It took three pokeballs to capture him because he just would not stay in even being highly injured already. This explains his advancement in stats. He has knocked himself out but training too hard.

Unown: This pokemon like all of its kind has only Hidden Power to attack. This pokemon also has been trained to be very fast and also learned to dodge since becoming stronger is not a real option. Not much to this one just likes to float in the air and fly around. It also has been trained to control what type of attack Hidden Power is (make it able to always be super effective) and is able to project it in multiple directions.

Smeargle: Easy going but also a bit of a prankster, she is also the team’s Jack-of-all-Trades. Always under estimated, she has surprised many trainers when she uses attacks like Solarbeam and Hyper Beam back-to-back. It is hard to know what attack she will use next. She also surprises her opponents when she uses her brown tail tip to paint across the eyes, blinding them. She is smart and some times does attacks that she was not told to do and does ones she thinks would work better, often being right.

Eevee: Grateful for being removed from her previous owner, she is devoted to Weedy. While she battles for Weedy, she if fearless but if she feels she is separated from him she gets a bit down and unsure of herself. She and Ditto often fight over being close to Weedy. Her nickname from the Gambler was Consolation, as in consolation prize, second best, but Weedy never uses it.

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