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So, I've finally decided to start my own clothing line ^_____^ haha it won't be immediately, but some time in the next year or so, when i've saved a little money up, I'm gonna find a seamstress who wants to work with me to start making my designs <3 I've decided to call it [GinnyDarling<3] for a very special reason- I recently came up with the perfect name for my future daughter <3 Virginia Alexandra !! Virginia because of the song "Meet Virginia" (how cool would it be to start your life with your own soundtrack?) And Alexandra because that's my best friend's name, and we've discovered that all "Alex" people are awesome (case in point: my best friend, and Alex Day, and Alex Pettyfer, etc). But to avoid stupid "virgin" jokes, and because it's just adorable, her nickname upon birth will be "Ginny" ^___^ And, knowing me, it will change between "Ginny Darling," "Ginny Sweetie," "Ginny Baby," "Ginny Girl," and so on hahaha

SOOOO, with that in mind, the style I'm going for is a layered, coordinated, and modest look. I want it to be fashionable, but also to be that brand that doesn't encourage teen and pre-teen hoochie style >.> So, one of my first designs is this one! This isn't, of course, exactly how it will look, since a lot of that will depend on what is available to me at the time, but the basic style is this:

an adorable, detailed mini dress with a bold pattern (i'm really in love with the heart lockets and keys right now), lacy leggings with a cute script pattern and a matching armwarmer, some cute jewelery with hearts and keys ^____^

dedicated to SharinByaku8- thank you for subbing me :D i'm really glad you like my work!!

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