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Superhero Psyche
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At first I was going to make her as a phantom thief like Dark or Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. But I thought I detective superhero like Zodiac PI Spica would be cool!


NAME: Vanessa Spiros

ALIAS: Psyche

DAY JOB: Books and antique shop clerk.

SECRET OCCUPATION: Self proclaimed private investigator

AGE: 23

HAIR: Pink (Not her naturally color)

EYES: Green

SUPERPOWERS: The power of reincarnation? The ability to read auras which enables her to figure out a person's suspicious nature and help her recognize someone from her past lives.

SKILLS: She can remember past life experiences and makes her a natural at certain performances and acts like Martial Arts, Sword Play and gun shooting. Also has photographic memory.

BACK STORY: She can recall memories from her many past lives that go back to ancient Greece. She got into solving mysteries when she solved the cold case of her previous past life. While solving crime and fighting bad guys she tries to figure out why she remembers all of her past lives and why every time she dies she is soon reborn again.

The police force like the Chief Inspector is annoyed with her when she takes control of the cases and solves them before they do.

PERSONALITY: Vanessa is an independent cheerful girl. She's very intelligent and knowledgeable which sometimes makes her an obnoxious know it all. She can be snarky and sassy. She's a history nerd and loves food and music. She's an old fashion romantic and dreams of meeting a handsome gentleman that would sweep her off her feet.

I like this character so much I want to make a comic about it :D

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