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Nishinio Clearwater (Tales of OC)

Wow, I haven't submitted any art here in a WHILE. And I am sorry for that... I have just been really busy. So I hope you all can forgive me. ^^; And Echo-chan I am sorry I never submitted this to your challenge, I feel bad for it so I decided to finally get it done. *bows* I hope you enjoy it, even though it's very late and whatnot.

  • Name: Nishino Clearwater
  • Date of Birth: 7/30/NA
  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Female
  • Title: Guardian of the Mist
  • Element: Water
  • Personality: Strict, short-tempered
  • Background: Learned her powers from the spirits and searches for something.
  • Build: Skinny yet fit
  • Race: Half-elf
  • Occupation: Part-time librarian
  • Accessories: Necklace and headband
  • Weapon Type: Offensive/defensive close and long range
  • Weapon: Staff and Water Magic
  • Mystic Arte: "Lunar Explosion"- A giant shining moon appears and stars crash down, causing a large tsunami to flood the battle field.
  • Incantation: "I call upon the shining heavens, redeem thy enemy and smite the stars upon them: Lunar Explosion!"
  • Attack: High
  • Magic: Very High
  • Agility: Medium
  • Defense: High
  • Dexterity: Medium
  • Luck: Low
  • HP: Medium
  • TP: High

And that should be all for the profile... I wish I had gotten this done sooner. But with everything going on, it's hard for me to even get some fanart done. So, here you go, Echo-chan. At least I got it done for your sake. I hope you like it~!

Thanks for viewing!


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