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Fallen's Choice Keyblade
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hey Hey HEY!! It’s a me Kaagemusha! (<- *insert Mario’s accent* XD)

Yo I’m back here’s what have I been doing for not posting much: I. HAVE. A. FRICKIN. SORE. THROAT!!! DX

well enough about me now let’s talked about the keyblade!!

Well this keyblade is requested by FallenAngel 01, she wanted a fallen angel keyblade and here it is!
Fallen’s Choice is just a temporary name Fall, so you can change it if you want.

well back to the profile on it, the keyblade has two sides: Light and Dark
Both wings can be use if the keychain turns from its white side to its black side for you see, the keychain (no matter HOW many times you toss and turn and twist the keyblade) the white side will always show, unless by the control of the wielder or just simply turning it, will cause some effect
turning to the to other side, will the white wing (next to the cross) grow small while the black grow large, meaning you just activate it dark powers. it’s up to the wielder to choose to use Dark powers or Light.
well that’s a little about the keyblade, oh possibilities that it’ll give the characters wings or flight ability

hope you like it Fall!

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
angel, black, dark, fallen's choice, fallenangel 01, keyblade, light, white, wings
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