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Name: Kanti Kiwidinok Sanuye
Gender: Female
Age: 174
About Her: Originally known as Michigama by the French who took the word from the Native Americans. Back when young Michigan was only a child new to the world, France claimed her. >.<” That must have sucked…. After the French and Indian War, England then acquired her. -.- not any better than France… Finally America was able to retrieve her and some time after that she became a state at last.

She has an Unofficial nickname “The Wolverine State” given to her by Ohio for when they fought for a strip of land called the Toledo Strip. They won it -.-
Another nickname of hers is “The Great Lake State” due to eth fact her borders touch 4 of the 5 great lakes.

Michigan has her own Pledge of Allegiance.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of Michigan, and to the state for which it stands, 2 beautiful peninsulas united by a bridge of steel, where equal opportunity and justice to all is our ideal."

Each word in her name is a different Native American Word

Kanti=Sings=Algonquin Tribe
Kiwidinok=Of the wind=Cheyenne Tribe
Sanuye=Red cloud at sundown=Miwok Tribe

Easiest way to pronounce
Can't He Kiwi Din Ox San I

The waterfall is Bond Falls of the Upper Peninsula I have many pics that I haven't uploaded to photobucket I used one as Reference.
Tree Reference
Wolf Reference Also used my sister's dogs as reference.
Girl Reference is actually a pic of me that I won't upload to the internet.

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
camo, fall, girl, leaves, tree, water, waterfall, wolf
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