qtv49 (Fan Art Portfolio) Black Art <<Twisted Cinderella>>

Black Art <<Twisted Cinderella>>
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Im back once again....

back with one of my Black Art... ^_^
a chibi version of disney's cinderella together with her fairy godmother...

but mine is a twisted version...
i kinda like the theme of this challenge so i thought to give it a shot...

why i chose cinderella? cause few have tried to make her twisted or use her as a model...mostly alice or little red riding hood...

in my version...

i used the original disney cinderella but turned her into a gothic bitch...hahaha
and her psycho gothic fairy godmother... ^_^

her dress is similar to the orignal cinderella you usually see but mine is the evil one...hahaha

ive also have an alternative story for my cinderella...
so here it goes..

as we all know cinderella lives in her step mother's house together with her step sisters..they always torture here, treat her like a rag doll...and then the scene were the step sisters mess up cinderella's stress...and the fairy godmother visits her and made her a new dress and goes to the ball and dance with the prince...end of story...

but my version is like this...

since cinderella is treat like a rag doll and being tortured...then winds up with a mess up dress...<stop> now lets twist the story and give it an evil route and ending...
after that event cinderella have gone nuts...and wind up in a asylum or mental hospital...then in her cell she thinks of nothing but to take revenge on her step sisters and their mother...for messing up her life..
then comes her evil fairy godmother, and gives her one wish...Then she ask for revenge...so poof the she gave her a beautiful gothic dress and help cinderella escape...then she killed her step daughters and her step mother...

end of story....

hope you like my story and of course my twisted cinderella... ^_^

THANKS for Viewing and reading my story... ^_^


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