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Hello ^^ this is my entry for the Challenge So, if you were in Bleach

I would be an Espada with a ring blade as a weapon^^ I would call me there Nimue :> (i really luv such old legendary names °3°)

My Personality:
i'm kinda shizo, i can never deside on one thing, i really can't concentrate on a thing a long time because i get fast bored :o, i'm a lil freak and very sparkling :D but i have a dark side :> like you will see xD
And i'm really sticking to people i like and i'm friend with, but i'm really bad at making new friends. It may look like i'm a cold person, but if someone get to know me soon will find out that i'm really freaky and making jokes and stupid things xD

Why Espada:
because i'm always on the bad side, and i like the espada the most in bleach :>
( i've got a really bad fable for bad guys and for the bad xDDD haha)
And i would have my hole in my eye because i luv one-eyed charas :D

Why Nr4:
Because i really luved Ullquiora and since he's dead only me can be the next number four MUHAHAHHAA XD

My Power:
uww i've got really a black humor and i'm a lil bit sadistic, so my power will be to trick people with dirty methods and let them suffer :> due to illusion or good traps even sicko wordgames :>

Like i said i'm a lil bit odd so i also have a fable for not normal weapons. I really like ring blade with the name Ryu
And because of this ring blade the skin of my hands and arms is really hard and can't be cut because i hate to put on gloves xD *thaha*

Fighting Style:
to swing around with my ring and slice everything down what's in my way
also do trap people with it and kick the ass out of them
(something like tira in soul calibur :o// sorry i can't describe it very good x_x)

My outfit:
It's something light, because i think it's hot in such a dessert xD and i love corsage :o but i never would walk with hotpants or short skirts that's why i have a pant made of a light material and i have high boots because i really HATE sand in my shoes!! XDD
Since 3 years i've got my hair cut like it is on the picture( left side long right side short) but my colors variate all the time xD at the moment they're purple but i wanted to describe with these fancy red highlights my freaky nature ^^

I hope this is enough and you know a lil bit how i am :D
wish me look and all the others too :D^^

-greets yuga

Ps: i'm sorry for the bad quality x.x but my cellphone isn't the best
and i'm sorry for my scrappy english xD

Bleach Fan Art
arrancar, bleach, Nimue, ring blade
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