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I know this is total last minute but it took longer then expected X3! Okay this is for JoSakashita's "Be the best like no one ever was!" challenge.,I had a lot of fun drawing this! I did the pencil sketch and inked it yesterday and colored it today (with colored pencil's cause that's all I know how to use for coloring!), total time (kinda lost track) but somewhere around 6 and a half hours.,OK Here's what's going on the girl is me and I'm riding my Dragonite with my Charmander,Togepi, and Eevee why did I choose to draw theese Pokemon you ask? I drew Charmander because I chose Charmader for my starter pokemon I love fire type's XD!, I drew Eevee because I had a Eevee in my team she is so cute!, I drew togepi because it's adorable and I always loved to spoil her X3!, I drew Dragonite because I always have a Dragonite it's really hard to train but she would never lose. And the Pidgey,Pideotto,and Fearow are wild Pokemon., We are flying because when I was younger I always daydreaming of flying with my pokemon it looked like so much fun!, And I'm wearing goggles because you can't see when the winds in your eye's XD! There all Pokemon from the Kanto region because I was daydreaming when the original Pokemon was all there was! Hope you like it!

Pokemon Fan Art
Charmander, Dragonite, Eevee, Fearow, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Pokemon, sky, Togepi
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Be The Best Like No One Ever Was
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