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Usopp's Adventures
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Oh, hey there~ Guess who's alive. Sorry for such a long period of inactiveness.

This all started out by SL complaining to me about the lack of One Piece drawings, so then this happened. I let my mind wander and what do I get? Usopp telling Chopper of his heroic adventures, and that they are completely true. *world explodes*
Yes! Usopp telling about his time on that man-eating plant island thing, but no one believes him (except Chopper).
I'm so proud of myself, first time drawing everyone (except Luffy) and they turned out absolutely FABULOUS. Except for Chopper, I HATE drawing him, with a passion. Oh, it's a simple little tanuk-NO. No he's not.
Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro are some background space fillers. *gasps* It is a half way decent backgroung, I'm improving~ TTvTT *holy tears of joy*

Yes, that is a table being flipped. Franky did it. Like in that one game: Unlimited Cruise/Adventure. Love it.


One Piece Fan Art
chopper, cola, luffy, one piece, sanji, sunny, table, thousand sunny, usopp, zoro
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