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Same Creative Me~
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My entry for the Different Outfits, Same Creative You challenge~ held by Kaagemusha :D

Teehee I love doodling chibis. Alright, time for the explaination~

(1) Just regular 'ol me. :) My wardrobe is basically all t-shirts, babydollT's and skinny jeans. xD And I have this huge cross necklace that I wear all the time and I love ittt. <3 And I'm laying down with my lap top like I am right now as I type this xD

(2) My Harvest Moon Outfit! I AM harvestmoonluvr after all. So I threw on a colorful, checkered flannel shirt and some knee-high boots, yo :D And I'm carrying around a basket of baby chicks because I can. Oh, and the flower behind my ear was a little tribute to the flower patch that used to grow in front of my old house. I miss those flowers. <3

(3) Time to go to Ouran Academy! I'm in full Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay, here, with a rose and everything. Personally, I think I looked just like Haruhi when I cut my hair a little while back (it's grown a bit since then, though x3) And I'm dying to cosplay as her in real life, haha~

(4) VOCALOID! This one was a ton of fun, because I drew it all in spur of the moment. I added a tint of orange to my hair to make it more neon-ish like the other Vocaloids ^^ My headphones are gigantic ear buds (clever eh? ;D) And my skirt is made to look like empty sheet music. My left sock is designed to look like the keyboard of a piano while the right is like the strings of a guitar, or other string oriented instrument like a violin or viola or cello or something :)
And my buttons are like the buttons on a trumpet :D Haha I put way to much thought into the simplest things. MOVING ON~

(5) Kingdom Hearts! Time to go beat up some heartless 'n nobodies, yo. And those other things from BBS who's names escape me I tried to orient my outfit around the colors of the heart xD You might think it was gross but I think its cool .3. haha. I also tried to make it kind of a hybrid between Kairi and Olette's outfit, 'cause I like them xD And of course I threw my own elements of the outfit in too.

(6) Haha this is my SHUGO CHARA! Outfit! If I were to have my own Chara-Change, I believe this is what it would look like xD I love being a big happy shining rainbow in everyone's lives. Oh, and I totally own those boots by the way. <3

And those are my outfits! I hope you like it, Kaage-kuuuun. :D

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Different Outfits, Same Creative You
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