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Clomo and D
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ok...XD there is a story behind this...not too long...but still...

This was a scene from the latest Vampire Hunter D novel "Pale fallen Angel II" (Book 12)...

It cracked me up sooooo much when I read it...

You see...there is this enemy character named "Clomo the Makeup Lover" (probably more like "chromo" in Japanese)...he is an odd sort of person and obsessed with cosmetics (and putting them on other people)... He is rather skilled at it too...but the scary thing about his "Art" is that it causes the people wearing the makeup to appear and *act* just like the person who he modeled the look after (it can turn an innocent girl into a murderer or a man into an alluring woman...)

so the scene in question was just after D has fought some crazy something or other and is taking a rest down in the deep dark crack in the earth that he fell into...when Clomo happens along and cant resist putting some makeup on him... well it doesn't go as planned because D's left hand would have none of that nonsense...He caught him by the wrist before he could do anything...and surprised the heck out of him....

I didn't have a particularly good mental image of Clomo...so he kind of turned out looking like a clown...or some kind of eccentric Japanese Play Actor...^^; I have no explanation...

Clomo is described as having a horse face...lips that look like sausages, and a nose that looks like someone sitting cross legged on his face...but he can change his appearance completely through his makeup skillz...

XD I couldn't resist drawing the scene ...it cracked me up too much...just that D takes a nap so rarely...and the thought of someone randomly showing up and deciding to try to put makeup on him while he is sleeping is just too ludicrous to bear hahahahha X'D

hahahahah...I just realized that D's outfit looks different every time I draw him...>w< I guess I can kind of see where Amano is coming from with all the random different outfits he always draws... D refuses to be drawn the same twice 8D

^^ D is from the Novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi of course

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