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Bob The Clown
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Hey guys!:D
This is Bob.
The Clown.
He's going to be another character for my own club.
Ok. Yes. His legs are no more! I know it's lame, but he's a clown! So yes, the unicycle has replaced his legs. ^^;
I, on the otherhand, love Bob.XD
In the "One of my Fave OC's in a long time!" Love. Not "omg sexxi" love.XD
I don't find him that...*cough* Anyway...
He may look really frakking creepy, but in truth, he's just a goofy guy. He only acts creepy for the shows. ^^
An old friend of ALissa's.
Oh yeah, he's gonna be in The Puppet Club: Next Gen. Not my Asylum one (New one, about to start the first post tonight!)
Once I get what I need, I'll be redoing my last post and introducing some peeps...
Including Bob.:D
He's just a goofy nice guy, used to be a 'freak' in a circus. A bad one.D:
*cricket silence and weird looks*
(I got weird looks all day when people saw me working on it...But others that know me a bit better said it was cool. XD Happy!)
Quotes on Paper:

"Us 'freaks' are always treated as animals. No, worse than animals. Animals get praise, we get abused.
Here in Miss. Alissa's care, we're treated better. Won't you join us?"

"Look, I can move my neck!"
(I think I'ma have him move his neck all funny. .. Not much explanation)

"Not a freak now that you can see my heart."

"Wish I could hand out the fliers... I know, I know...People would want a ride on my uni-cycle."


Oh yeah, I accidentally already messed up his side-view.XD The nail thiongy, is facing way.

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