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Meet Xero

Birthname; Zero Hiroshima Sampson
Current Name; Xero Hiro Sampson
Age; 21
Early Life; Mother died soon after she was born, raised by father who was an ex-WW2 vetran. Her father was a very spitful man (hence her origional name Zero) At the age of sixteen her father was found chained to a cinderblock at the bottom of the ocean, she still claims she did not kill him.
After she had graduated from highschool she joined into a secrete military service and became the most decorated vetran of her sector. Soon the sector was scraped and everyone hired into it was terminated. She was able to escape and now travels around the world hired by various companies as an assasin.

Personality; Very outgoing, willing to speak her mind wether you like it or not. Hardly ever gets angery but does have rapid bouts of cruelty to enemies. Never really serious, likes to joke around. A recovering drug addict, loves sex but claims she has no addiction to it.

Physical attributes; green-yellow eyes, 5"5, a XXX scar on the back of her neck.

Tattoos; A bulls-eye on her right forearm, and an green apple on her lower back

Okay, so look her up on facebook! (Goes by her legally changed name) This is an OC of mine, inspired by Tank Girl and the Gorillaz.

So some of the things she has on her are a little confusing.
The sticker on the side of her helment it 'EITL' Which is 'Electric is the love" (Lyrics from "Stylo" by the Gorillaz) The little tabs in her shirt pocket are actually sticks of gum. In pants pocket is an old lighter

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gorillaz, oc, tank girl, war, xero
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