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Legend Killer Red profile
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I uploaded this on my dA too but yeah... I hardly get any attention there.

Profile for the Red Legend Killer

Name: Xian Wudao
D.O.B - July 19, 1994
Ethnicity - Chinese (dad's side) British, German (mom's side)
Nationality - American

Xian Wudao is the leader of the Legend Killers (since the Legend Killers are inspired by super sentai he HAS to be the leader if he's the red one )

I haven't really finished fleshing out any of the Legend Killer's backstories yet but I can say that he's under the guardianship of a friend of his parents who while protecting Xian from a freakish tidal wave suffered a collapsed lung and he mentors Xian in any way he can.

Xian is a lefty, one of two in the group and Xian is a very good kung fu artist, mainly practicing Seven Star Shaolin kung fu and bajiquan.

I think I'll update this when I come up with solid details. Oh, and Randy Orton I came up with "Legend Killers" back in 1997 so... Oh, and it's plural compared to his "Legend Killer"

Forgive the art not being so great on these profiles, they're really only made to show what their design is.

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