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Pretty Much Me
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I saw this challenge and was like "seriously, I can submit ANYTHING?!" So i did~
This is my id for da, here
I wasn't originally planing to post this here, put I saw this challenge and figured why not.

You can guess where I got the concept from~

I drew a person that's suppose to be myself, but I'm not to sure how accurate of a portral it is. My hair is a slighly darker shade but it lightens up quite a bit in the summer. And the cut...lets just say mine's not quite as anime looking (but I did draw my hair for my hairdresser and he did pretty much what I had drawn, so maybe its not that far hair is really layered) Aside from that, I really do have bits of natural dark red hightlights in my hair and the mix of colors is kinda right...

The outfit is the wa-lolita outfit I always wear to conventions, its nothing like my everyday wear. I'm a little ashamed of myself though - I've had quite a few people draw this for me and they always put in all the details, but than I draw it and I left a whole bunch out =_=
In my defense, I drew the girl back when I was on vacation and I didn't have the greatest reference with me so....
I just liked this drawing so much I decided to color it and use it for my id.

If any one remebers from my old art I did a similar background and decided to do it again here. No one's going to be guessing who's id this is!

I just realized how Christmasy the colors are. How appropriate.

Tools: copic markers, prismacolor markers and pencils, mircron sakura pens

Advice, favs, and comments are much beloved
...and have a happy new year!

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ducky, id, kawaii-ruber-ducky, loli, lolita, lunch, me, rubber duck, wa-loli
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