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Pokemon trainer FAIL-Old
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Heeey guys.
>< I feel so nervous posting up this picture, because I NEVER watch the new pokemon!
But one day my lil brother was watchin it, and me being bored wanted to draw a different style, so tadaaah!
I think I did a good job, but I like the old pokemon better.
XD Team Rocket were my favorite characters.
still are really...

SOOOO this is for dei's story thingy!:D
Heres a profile!


Name: Amellia, (Goes by Amy...)
Nicknames(s): Amy, Milla
Alias(es): Amy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: Sept 25
Star Sign:Libra

Physical/Material Facts

Hair: Right side is red, left is black
Eyes: Contacts red, real colour is brown
Build:not very strong
Clothes: See above
Notable Features: Hair colour, red eyes
Accessories: Red glove on her right hand, black glove on her left. Two different stockings. One torn and striped red and black, the other is fishnet but red and black (If you look closely I think you can tell). legging on the right leg is black, on the other leg it's red. Right foot red shoe, left foot black shoe (Can you see where I'm going on this?XD)
Other/Etc:Where she keeps her pokemon is on her red belt.


Likes: Dark/ghost type pokemon. Love dark/gothic things but also loves cute things. Loves to stalk follow Team Rocket around, wanting to have Meowth.
Dislikes: Bug and rock type pokemon, absolutely hates them. Hates preppy chicks, and hates being out in the hot sun (But she will go out if it's to explore like she is in the picture). Also hates the ocean.
Favourite Food: Shrimp Alfredo (Yummy!:D )
Favourite Possession: MP3
Favourite Pokemon: Banette
Hobbies: Listening to music an reading. She mostly dresses up her pokemon or just plays around with them.
Dreams: To join Team Rocket and became one of the greatest dark/ghost type pokemon trainer out there!>8D
Personality: A bit outgoing, only shy with older people, seems like an airhead at times because of how complicated she thinks, smart, happy, jumpy, can be serious and mean if she needs to.


Friends: Only her pokemon, having met the right kind of friends she wants to keep. Normally discards people as her friends in a non-caring manner, even if they really want to stay her friend.
Family: Mother only
Childhood: N/A ( AKA Too lazy to randomly think of one)

Pokemon Related
Starter: Cyndaquil M
Team:Banette M, Floslass F, Mismagius F, Duskull M, Haunter M, Sneasel F
Back-Up Pokemon: Cyndaquil M ( I don't wanna have a back-up teeeaaaammm)
Box: Random Pokemon
Favoured Type: Dark/Ghost/Ice
Battle Style/Strategy: Big attacks first, small last (?)

Team (Main)

(M) Banette - No nickname
Attack 1- Shadow Sneak
Attack 2- Night Shade
Attack 3- Screech
Attack 4- Curse

(F) Floslass - No Nickname
Attack 1- Ice Shard
Attack 2- Double Team
Attack 3- Powder Snow
Attack 4- Destiny Bond

(F) Mismagius - No Nickname
Attack 1- Psywave
Attack 2- Astonish
Attack 3- Magical Leaf
Attack 4- Lucky Chant

(M) Duskull - No Nickname
Attack 1- Will-O-Wisp
Attack 2- Confuse Ray
Attack 3- Pursuit
Attack 4- Curse

(M) Haunter - No Nickname
Attack 1- Lick
Attack 2- Dark Pulse
Attack 3- Nightmare
Attack 4- Curse

(F) Sneasel - No Nickname
Attack 1- Ice Shard
Attack 2- Slash
Attack 3- Screech
Attack 4- Fury Swipes

Found profile thingy on DA link

MWAHAHAHAAA! I finally got this donnnne!
Anywho, I reallly like this character...I need to figure out what to do to her. I know enough about pokmon, I've played the games...and findin some cool and creepy stuff about it makes it better.|D
Any ideas anyone?? Like with what I can do with her?:D

So no stealing!:D
(Yeah, this is old too. No one steal..But you can't!>8D Put my usernames on it!)

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