Wakusei Aoshi (Fan Art Portfolio) Happy Halloween~!

Happy Halloween~!
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I actually did a holiday picture! FINALLY! After...so many years...XD

It's only 'cause this Halloween was over a weekend and I get a long weekend (no school tomorrow because of some teacher meeting and no school tuesday because of elections).

I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do, but since Ran is my designated design child (DDC...XD Holy crap...I seriously just made that up right now) I decided to just do Ran instead of a big group picture of my characters Poe, Abyss, Klan, and another unnamed character.

Though I still feel like drawing a Halloween picture of Abyss...hrmm...>3>

I thank Maki Goto for the 'sexy' pose! XD I have mixed feelings about her newest PV (not really that new) Eyes where she does a lot of sexual things, even has sex with some guy in a bathroom, and smokes...a...candy cane? Not my kind of stuff, but I still can't stop being her fan..."orz It's the look and the clothes and the music! I love it all!! TT^TT

So the clothes 'n look 'n stuff is inspired by that PV.

I should draw more pictures of Ran...or my other characters...Nah, I should just draw more period.

Uhh...the candy is being created by that cauldron, which is why it's all the same colour ('cept the chocolate is brown).

Have a Happy Halloween! Get lotsa candy! Nobody is coming to my house (for several reasons) so I get to eat all ze candy! MUAHAHAAHAAHAAAHH! >:D

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candy, cauldron, halloween, happy, oc, pumpkin, ran
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