Window of fantasy (Fan Art Portfolio) Ryoma and Karupin in bomb style

Ryoma and Karupin in bomb style


My friend from DA Tear chan asked me to draw Ryoma in bomb style :D ( Bomb style its my own style :D )
Well ^^; What can you see in the picture XD It's Karupin in bomb style too
As always i loove to write a Short Story

~Minna ! Say Hello to Karupin ~

One of the pretty day, Ryoma was running in the garden ! and play .He heard voice (waraw XD)
It was a kitty voice.He ran for it and search it everywhere and finally found it !
Tear chan was looking for Ryoma .She saw him from behind and She said "Oh i finally found ya ! where have you been ? Tezuka buchu was looking for you" ! Ryoma turned at her and said : "Haaai !" Tear chan looked at the cat he was holding it ! and she said :"how cute !!" Ryoma said Ne~ Tear chan say hello to Karapin ! . Tear chan said " Hello Karupin" and Karupin replied to her "waraw " Ryoma said : " Karupin likes you " Tear chan replied " Why?" Ryoma said " Karupin said waraw to you :D " She was really happy to know that ! So Tear chan asked Ryoma " Can i hold Karupin? " Ryoma was happy and let her hold it . Karupin said " waraw :)
Tear chan holding Karupin and they went back to the team ..
~ The End ~

I hope you'll like it Tear chan and everyone too

© Ryoma Echizen Karupin are from anime Prince of tennis belongs to Konami.
© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini.

Prince of Tennis Fan Art
bomb style, karupin, kauthar sharbini., konami., prince of tennis, ryoma echizen, window of fantasy
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