narutoKHfighter (Fan Art Portfolio) old request from 7thevachild

old request from 7thevachild
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.................this picture and this request is OLD....
>> it was requested last year....i think exactly last year .____.
so yah i lined arted this last year and i was really proud of this but not so proud of the sword (i didnt wanna redraw it XD. it was just that good to me even tho the sword i messed up on)
here's the request: here is a bio that i made for myself on theO, like an OC thing....
basically this is how to describe a new random or real character/person. i was wondering if u could make an artwork outta this... if u can, thats cool. if not, thats fine, jsut let me know.

Character Bio


Basic Physical Description

Height: 6 foot 3 inches

Weight: 270lbs

Body Type: Athletic with extra baggage (extra weight)

Eye Color: Brown, known to change to Red

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Length/Style: Past Shoulders, low Ponytail

Clothing and Accessories

Typical Clothing:
Dark Blue Jeans
Grey T-shirt
Black Vest/Sleeveless like shirt (opens down middle)
Dark Tennis Shoes
Dark Brown Jacket
-Hooded, loose, down to knees, almost Jedi Robe like

Usual Accessories:
Sealed State: Average katana style
Shikai (Initial Released State): Katana and Long sword
Bankai (Final Release State): Unknown
Carrying style:
Sealed State: Either on left side or strapped over back
Shikai: Katana on left side, Long Sword strapped to back
(Katana used by right arm, Long Sword the left)
Kunai knives and shuriken
Small wooden cross on a lanyard necklace (Always visible)

Other Descriptions

Slightly tanned

Auto-mail arm, entire Right arm

so yeah here it is even tho i think Eva forgot >>
sorry again for taking so long!

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
7thevachild, oc, original character, request
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