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Space Pirate Emeraldas
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A non-Anime-styled based on the virtually underappreciated 1979 Japanese animated Sci-Fi movie "Galaxy Express 999", which was what got me into the Sci-fi works of legendary Manga author Leiji Matsumoto. Although the movie itself depicted a very well-told mature-oriented Sci-Fi plot (or at least in my opinion), it saddens me to know that no one virtualy appreciates anything created by the master himself.

In my views, the reasons for this Anime being underappreciated are:
1) None of the male and female protagonal characters from Leiji Matsumoto's works seem to live up to most fans' views of what it means to be a sexy/attractive-looking heroic Anime character. Therefore, they're seen as not even nearly as attractive-looking as most of the male and female protagonists seen in Anime from 1990s-2000s (ex: many may insist that Maetel from "GE999" can never compare to Yoko from "Gurren Lagann" in terms of beauty)
2) Most Anime fans look at the Sci-Fi drama of works by the master himself as too old-fashioned for their entertainment.

In this drawing, you're looking at the sexy space pirate Emeraldas with her spaceship Queen Emeraldas behind her. Despite the fact that Emeraldas does not follow most people's bishoujo steroetype (which describes the attractive women in Anime themselves to have childlike-like facial appearances), I still see her as one of the most beautiful women to appear in Anime.

I spent about two-three hours on this today. To make the heroine herself look a bit more of the strong heroine type, I added ab definition on her as well as curve around on her biceps.

Hope you like his drawing! I know I enjoyed doing this piece.

8:01 PM Canada EST

Galaxy Express 999 Fan Art
1970s, abs, emeraldas, gun, leiji matsumoto, planets, queen emeraldas, retro, sexy, space, space pirate
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