Bluesen (Fan Art Portfolio) Little King Corobo--SAI LINEART

Little King Corobo--SAI LINEART
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My frist attempt at lineart on Paint Tool SAI--So far, it's not as fun as photoshop (Prolly because I can't figure out how to color on it yet XD) But I think it turned out nicely.

NOW! Onto this little cutie~! <3 So I've been obsessing over one of my favorite games EVER, Little King's Story, and decided to look for fanart of it.......
Oh HECKS no.
There is absolutly NOTHING on this site for this game, not even a CARD OR WALLPAPER! It's not even a category!!!! D'X!!! Are you guys KIDDING ME!? This is one of THE most amazing games out there!!

...Oh well TT^TT So I've made it my personal mission to create a TON of fanart of Little King's Story and put it all over DA and TheO (Da only has, like what, THREE fanart of it?!)

Anyway, I highly recommened this game to anyone who loves cute animation, a great plotline, and pikmin (<-- You'll understand when you play it X3)

Anyway, enjoy! I'll be coloring it soooon but feel free to color!


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