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The Riddle
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These are my OC’s, (from left to right) Victor, Ixma, and Jakyen. The relationship of these three is as follows:
Jakyen and Ixma are twins. Ixma is dating Victor. Jakyen doesn’t like Victor, saying that “something just does not seem right in his motives,” and is concerned about his sister’s involvement with him. Victor turns out to be a spy for the twin’s grandfather, the same person who murdered their parents. He uses his relationship with Ixma to gain her trust, and then betrays the twins. Three years later, Ixma ends up killing Victor in battle, despite the fact that part of her still holds feelings for him. Before he dies, Victor hints that he did actually have feelings for her, but because of his previously avowed loyalties to her grandfather, he betrayed her anyway. Jakyen tells her that if she had not killed Victor, he would have done so himself, not only because of his betrayal, but also due to the fact that he had toyed with Ixma’s heart, and no one is allowed to hurt his sister and get away with it. (Yes, he is a little bit protective :3)
Anyway, this piece was inspired by the song, “The Riddle,” from the musical, The Scarlet Pimpernel (an amazing play, BTW). I feel that it describes the twin’s relationship to Victor very well.
Victor is a vampire, and Jakyen and Ixma are some…species that I created…I have yet to think up a name for them…but whatever they are, their race is very rare, and part of the appearance that they all have is entirely black eyes (no iris, no pupil, no cornea, just black) and black hair.
Oh, and I think I ought to mention that Jakyen and Ixma are the main characters!

Media used:
2B 0.7 mechanical pencil

PS: to Nikuro—I hope you don’t think that I am spamming your challenge! It’s just that I have so many OC’s, it’s hard to choose! I didn’t think it would be a problem, because you said no entry limit… but this is my last entry, I promise! ^_^

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black hair, oc, twins
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