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.:Circle You, Circle You:.
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"Circle you, circle you... Children, you just lost the game.
Circle you, circle you... Don't run away, you're just the same.
Before the moon sets aside, cut their neck off as they cried.
Circle you, circle you... Who stands behind you now?"

Ahahahahaha. Shall we play this? >D

Anyway, just as I said and planned, FHR Productions playing "Circle You, Circle You"...the horror version anyway.
Nonetheless I'm happy to how it turned out to be.


So here's our version, while we're holding out a weaponry of torture in a way and also covered in injuries.
I kinda find it funny how I related most of our tools from "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni." xD

From Top to Clockwise:
Michael, Erin, Austin, Nadeshiko, Ike and Chloe

Only similar injury we have in common is just the cutting off our neck part.
Ike - He has a headband over his eye showing that he got cut there. The knife is another simple explanation. (Plus it's the rightful tool in this song.)
Nade - A bad scratch on my face, but my hatchet will surely do more damage.
Austin - Headband around his head because his head was bashed in by a bat, hence why he's holding a (bloody) baseball bat.
Erin - Her mouth is covered up because let's just say she was dealing with dentists... The syringe symbolizes in a way of numbing, but it's not Novocaine in that...
Michael - His hands are all bandaged up due to how they hammered a lot of nails on them. Hence why he's holding nails and a small hammer.
Chloe - Her torture involved a lot of times being shocked and that's why she's holding a tazor gun.


Video Coloring Process: Coloring "FHR - Circle You"
Second picture of this: Circle You Pt.2


Ike & Nadeshiko (c) Smartanimegirl
Austin, Michael, Erin and Chloe (c) themselves

Brushes Used (c) Obsidian Dawn & Celestial-Star

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
austin, blood, boys, chloe, circle, circle you circle you, dark, erin, fhr productions, friends, girls, horror, ike, michael, nadeshiko, song, torture tool, video included
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