SandLover13 (Fan Art Portfolio) Jessy Jr.

Jessy Jr.

My new OC for this contest. Here's information about him:

Name: Jessy Jr.
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: April 18th
Gender: Male
Species: Butterwort/Avocado/Alien Venus FlyTrap Anthro
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Eye Color: White with black pupil at day time/Red with black pupil at night time
Personality: Shy, Hungry, Mute, Lonely, Gluttonous, Nice, Demanding
Likes: Blood, Food, Eating, Taro, Jess, Flowers, moving around, night time, gardening
DisLikes: Arachnea, being hungry, lonliness, bullies, being ignored
Attack Types: Voice, Vines, Plants, Hypnosis, Transformations
Family: Audrey 2 "Twoey" (Father), Vinnie, Squadd, Aoi, Violet, Trix, Soxer (Older Brothers and Sisters)
Owner: Taro Chikumo
Relationships: None yet
Friends: Taro, Jess, Tim, Twoey, Hotaru; he is willing to make new friends...
Weapon: The Bloody Rose (A giant, wide katana sword with thorns and roses as a handle)
Favorite Song: He Wasn't Man Enough by Toni Braxton
Sayings: "I'm sorry... I didn't mean it!"
Looks: Like Jess gender-bendered; short-cut straight-but-messy hair, body height is varied, thorns, blades of grass, and petals all over his body
Clothing: Eyeglasses, black t-shirt, red jacket with green straps, brown shorts, red belt, white sneakers
History: When Taro Chikumo finds a seed and grows a Venus Fly Trap to impress Arachnea Chikumo and Jessica of The Sand, Jessy Jr. was born. Jr wilted all the time until Taro cut himself. It turned out that Jr. had an appetite for blood. Jr grew everytime Taro feed him blood. When he grew big enough, Jr was able to have a human form. He would find ways for Taro to kill people for his hunger. Jessy Jr, named after Taro's crush Jess, is a Venus FlyTrap anthro. He is the 7th child of Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors. Unlike his brothers and sisters, Jr. was born meek and mute. Although he is considered more to have Twoey's personality, in reality Jr is shy and wants to make friends. He likes to eat blood and he has special needs. He wants to make friends but doesn't know how. He is mostly around Taro. Jr had Jess's voice but it gets deeper everytime he grows. He likes gardening and would like to play like other children.

In The Picture: Jessy Jr. at age 7 trying to sleep on top of the grass. He was staying up all night, so his eyes aren't looking very well. Note that the purple flower thing in the picture is his plant form.

I hope people do well in the contest and good luck.

Jessy Jr. belongs to me

Please fave and/or hug

Thank you


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