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Image: Square One

This is my character, Michael, aka Image. He is from my “super hero” story. :3 yes, I do have one of those…it sparked during my X-Men “obsession”… which began due to the comics…NOT the movie… and I just couldn’t let the characters go…what can I say? They’re my babies!
Anyway, on to the description of Image…here is his profile:

Name: Michael Kurtz
Alias: Image
Power: animation of objects in pictures
DOB: January 3
Age: 16
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel
Height: 5’ 11”
Blood Type: O
Handed: right

Michael Kurtz was born in Germany, but moved to the US when he was about three. As far as siblings go, he is the oldest, with five younger sisters. He always carries around a camera around, due to his wish to be a professional photographer, and also, it comes in handy when he wants to animate an object. He tends to be rather distractible, but is an invaluable asset to his team. And an explanation of his powers: he can basically make objects in pictures come off of the page…tis most useful in a fight…
Also, I think that I need to mention that he seems to be my male clone…seriously. He has become a male version of me! @_@ It is just downright scary…and I didn’t even do it on purpose! He just ended up with my personality!!!!! D:
And a note on his uniform: it was NOT meant to be so…so…purplish…I didn’t have the right colour of maroon… sadness…;_;
Anyway, I am submitting him for Love Breaks’ Design a Hero challenge…hope he meets the requirements…(and sorry if he is too creepy :3)
Oh, and the title is from Coldplay’s song “Square One.” It is one of the songs I listened to while coloring it, and I feel that it fits him well.

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