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Seeing Double?
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*Just realized I have so many flaws in this... >_>*

Ha, anyway, this is Agito/Akito. Yes, they are the same person because of Multiple Personality Syndrome (or Dissociative Identity Disorder, however you want to say it) They switch personalities by switching the eyepatch to a different eye. Before I get into his bio, I really love this character cause even though Agito is an ass that curses way too much and even though Akito can kill you with cuteness that is sometimes a little overbearing, I'll always find a reason to love the heck out of them!
Agito (to the left) = awesomely badass/ Funny aspect = sometimes curses up a storm and it's hilarious how he does it, also is apparently weak while sleeping so the other characters put him in humorous situations
Akito (to the right) = amazingly adorable/ Funny aspect = yaoi fodder (literally, he tries to sleep with the main character Ikki), way too cute for his own good

Ok, so let's get on with the bios.
Agito is the side that is usually very violent and came about due to his older brother Kaito always making him fight in the most gruesome manner. (Those hooks aren't just there for show!) He has his eyepatch on his right eye. Unlike Akito, he can use ATs (Air Trecks. They look like in-line skates) although he's not perfect with them until they are fully tuned later in the series.
Akito is the side that can usually be found trying to hug or kiss the main character Ikki, much to his discontent. (hehe... it's normally the cause of comic relief) He has his eye patch on his left eye. He's the much more playful and cute of the two and isn't violent, therefore won't use ATs. Sometimes his cute manners can be comic relief all by themselves. He's kind of like that irresistable cute baby brother that the girls always fawn and fuss over. It's hard to tell if he's really homosexual or if he's just really airheaded and innocent...


Air Gear Fan Art
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