Miracle Star19 (Fan Art Portfolio) ~*Good-bye Aurora*~

~*Good-bye Aurora*~
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Hi Everyone =3

Here my next drawing. I color my drawing with color pencil and it turn alright. =/ But I can draw again but I'll use photoshop to draw them. X3

So this scene is sad. An angel name Aurora came to earth to protect the humans defeated the evil but badly wounded. Kou(human)comes to help her. Unfortantly it too late Aurora use up all her power to defeat the leader of the Fallen...So Aurora body disappearing *in case u guys wonder y i didn't draw the legs and the finger in the pic* Kou couldn't do anything to save Aurora then he starts to cry but Aurora stop him saying those word and she told him to don't blame yourself it never your fault it was destine to happen. She foreseen the future of her last battle so it wasn't anyone to blame...As her body disappearing she whipser her final word to Kou that she had fallen in love with him and the Lord was right she thought she wasn't goint to love anyone but until Kou came to her life and change her heart. And then she told him good-bye...Aurora body disappear and Kou was broken Heart...Aurora rest in peace in the skies...

Okay I think that all. And I Probably bored everyone here from my writing XD lol XD Sorry Guys I couldn't think of one the better. >>

Sorry Luna about my sloppy scenes. I'm going to draw it again and post here >.<
Hope you like it.


P.S. Incase you wondering about Aurora Well Aurora is my O'C Character and I'll draw her what she look like. =3

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angel, aurora, dies, human, kou, night, sad, wound
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