rhiakolareny (Fan Art Portfolio) What do I do with this?

What do I do with this?
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Yaaaay, I finally finished. Four days working on this gem, and I'm rather pleased with it. I loved the orange/black/white outfits from one of the official bits of art, and decided to use them in the group shot. Since the picture only had the guys, I had to design Sakura's outfit, and I rather like what I came up with. She's adorable!
The fact that their weapons are all angled in the same direction was completely by accident, and I'm not sure I like it. I like symmetry, so it's a bit irritating, especially since Fai's weapon is the only one that doesn't fit into the picture. Sadness. Could have gone without Sakura's staff and angled Fai's over her head. Why didn't I do that? *sigh* Oh well, her staff is gorgeous, so I don't care. I love it.
The only problem was that I screwed up her mouth when I inked, and mangled it trying to fix it, so I fixed it in Paint. Which doesn't help when I've got to make prints of it. It's not too noticeable after all of the work I did on it, it's just irritating. So, coloured pencil, ink, and a little bit of Paint.

My second entry for the Tsubasa contest. I also used Paint to stick in my username over the sig of Fan that I originally signed it with, since the contest says to stick your username on the image. I didn't do that for the first one..forgot @_@ Hopefully that doesn't disqualify it. I wonder which of these two stands a better chance...

Tsubasa Fan Art
fai, kurogane, sakura, syaoran, tsubasa reservoir chronicle
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