ChocoBits (Fan Art Portfolio) Wormhole, Swallow Me!

Wormhole, Swallow Me!

This is for XxI wuv PockyxX's contest Death By...contest.
I probably loose points with originality with this, but the first thing that came to mind after the phrase death by....was embarrassment. Because when we are super embarrassed, at that exact moment we wish to disapear and ask for a wormhole to swallow us and spit us out somewhere distant and deserted.
(Though technically, a wormhole would kill you once you went in it)

Either that, or we wish to dies right then and there.

So, this picture was born, because we all know that when you really like someone and you try to show your effection by, say, giving them flowers, your stomach does flips and you are probably dying out of embarrassment. That explains the little ghost leaving the boy on the right.
He's embarrassed and may leave any second. Very fast.

[[The background is a total fail --but I think it goes well with the picture's autumn-ish feel. The names of the characters I have not decided yet --haha xD
Done with prismas and edited with Adobe Photoshop.]]

Hopefully, shounen-ai is allowed in the contest. I didn't read something that said it wasn't so hopefully...

Well, it's all really just fluff. :]

Thank you for viewing...I hope you enjoyed!

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
bl, contest, death by, flowers, fluff, shounen-ai, xxi wuv pockyxx
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Death By.......?
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