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Mew mew Nikki, Metamorpho-sis~!

Hey, another mew! T__T
OK, OK. I made her up months ago but i was too lazy to draw/publish anything.
Just to make things simple, my mew OCs are devided to 3 "parallel dimensions", or stories:
1) TMM RE:BBON - Kotona, Aisu, Mango, Piiru, Bruakku, Ciel (I may change his name), Noir (her name too), and the canon mews 13 years after the original Ichigo story.
2) Cherrys' story. She's all alone xD
3) The international mews - Cranberry and her other teammates.

Nikki goes to the 1 one!
She joins the Kotona team in a different story, somewhat like Berry in a la mode. Here's some info:

Name: Nikki (Cinnamon) idkwhatshersurname
Age: 13
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Personality: Often grumpy as a result of being embarrassed, rebellious, trying to be cool, seems not to care about anything, a bit bitchy, wild, courageous. She's actually nice and girly but she's having trouble showing those kind of emotions.
Background: Nikki is what you call a punk. she's dressing like one, acting like one, talking like one and listens to punk-rock music. Without these clothes and hairstyles she actually looks like a pretty, sweet girl. Nikki often hangs out with a group of older boys, that together form a rock band. Her 16 years old (ARROGANT EMO) boyfriend, Tsuka, is the vocalist, and she really admires him. Nikki has a beautiful voice and loves singing, and wants to be a vocalist too.
One day, Ciel came up with an upgrade for the mew DNA injection system. He decides to add another mew to the group, and chooses Nikki. Nikki hates being a mew. When she transforms her hair loses the teasing, and she's wearing cute, giry clothes. The other mews are too girly and sweet for her, but little by little she learns to love them, and finds out that deep inside she wants to be just like them.
Likes: Tsuka, singing, Clothes.
Dislikes: Girly things.

Mew name: Mew Nikki (Cinnamon)
Main color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Cream
Mew sign: Lower back
DNA: Bat. forgot the actual name...
Weapon: Nikki Microphone (Nikkorofon)- Nikki's weapon is actually her voice, and the nikkorofon is a device to make it strogner. It includes a small Headphone-microphone thing, and two big, Bat-winged Loudspeakers that float around her and increases her voice.
Ribbon ~ Nikki Ballad! (sings a soft song in order to put the enemy into sleep)
Ribbon ~ Nikki Beat! (sings an rythmic song in order to hurt the enemy)

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Art
bat, cinnamon, mew, nikki, punk, tmm
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