I,myself (Fan Art Portfolio) Gypsie, Tramps and Thieves messy sketch

Gypsie, Tramps and Thieves messy sketch
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Ok. I'm going to regret this, but who's really going to look at it but Dean, Cas, and sam. And I am sorry to all you poor, polite people who look at this to be nice. Thank you.These are charcters from our (future) tv show EPIC. Yes, we actually came up with this about a year before "Epic" was declared the next big word to adjective everything. And, yes. I just verbed 'adjective'. I verbed "verb" as well. So, point being, we're not that unoriginal.

This is, from left to right: Anna Rosia Cartel; De Jackal; and Guise Cartel, Anna's older brother. The Cartels are my characters and De is my brother's. You see, there are five of us and we each came up with our own characters, but they all interact in this world which is our tv show. You will be able to tell, through design, personality and background story who belongs to who, though. Eventually, when the show is running. I'm not going to go over the characters' details right now, (maybe in the EPIC world you will find with The Eighth Sin) except to say that De is the gypsy, Guise is the tramp and Anna is the thief.

I actually drew this a very long time ago and haven't touched it for a year. In fact, you can tell because it's messy, marked up, unfinished, and I even wrinkled it a few times because I got frusterated. ^^' Anna's lopsided. The character is supposed to have a round, apple shaped face, but she's supposed to be a lot prettier. Guise doesn't look at all how I picture him, nor is he bald. I just couldn't find the right hair for him. If anyone wants to try there, that would be great. Also, that's supposed to be a ironic smile (bad things ahppen to Guise) but the eyebrow muscles were too light to show up on my scanner. I didn't know it was possible for this thing to die more than it already was, but Scanny's talented. De was a quick mock sketch that I haven't erased because I don't think I could actually do any better trying. This is the max extent of my ability. So mamy things wrong with this. The only thing I actually am happy with is Anna's nose.
Thanks for looking and putting up with my rambling.

All characters belong to .:The Unsaid Works' EPIC:.
Finally, Getting Back To Good.

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