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Fringe: The Fan Comic: The Cover
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Here is the cover for my future fan comic, Fringe: The Fan Comic (super original title, right? xD) I DID NOT draw the Fringe logo or the frog in the lower lefthand corner.

From left to right: Walter Bishop (mad scientist), Olivia Dunham (FBI agent in the field of Fringe Science), and Peter Bishop (Walter's son, has an IQ of 190). John Noble plays Walter, Anna Torv plays Olivia, and Joshua Jackson plays Peter.

As you can see, the AnimeArchAngel looks different from everything else. Thats cuz i originally wrote my name on the cover, then scanned it into my computer, covered my name with black, and wrote my screen name over it. So ha! No one can stalk me now! >:D

I used reference from Here

It took me a long time to get Olivia right, and i still think she looks a little messed up. I think Walter came out the best. It took me a while to make Peter look like Peter too.

So if you want to learn more about Fringe, click Here.

Comments? Constructive criticism? I would really appreciate both!

Be on the look out for Fringe: The Fan Comic! Thanks for viewing!

Funny Fringe quote:

Dr. Walter Bishop: [on the phone with Peter Bishop] Hello Peter, this is me, your father, Walter Bishop.
Peter Bishop: Thank you Walter. I know who you are.
Dr. Walter Bishop: Excellent...

Fringe Fan Art
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