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If We Never Died...
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"Do you think Mother and Father would've loved us?"

"I don't know, Emma, I really don't know..."

Marth:Ice, who are these two? Ike:And why does the girl look a bit like me and the boy looks like Marth?

Marth:You have A LOT of explaining to do...

I know, guys, I know! XD Thought Ray and Elise were the only children of Ike and Marth? Well, think again!

Person reading this:What?! Ike and Marth have FOUR kids now?

Actually, no! You see, the two kids(who are actually 18)in this pic would've been the eldest children of Ike and Marth. Emma(the girl)and Garin(the boy) were conceived BEFORE Ray and Elise were. Sadly, the dear twins both died before they were born. In fact, they died before Ike and Marth found out about them! And apparently, Dr. Mario kept their existances a secret(he didn't want anything crazy happening while Marth underwent surgery).

HOWEVER, they return as adult spirits, wishing they never died. And you wanna know something weird? Garin seems to have split personalities:First he wishes he and Emma never died and could be with their parents and younger siblings(Ray&Elise). THEN, he's all cruel and cold, hating Ray and Elise VERY MUCH and he feels like they took his and Emma's "place". Which is weird, 'cuz they were never even alive.

EMMA, on the other hand, really wants to see her "mom" and dad and her younger siblings and wants to be alive again so she can be with her family. In fact, she wants to protect her parents, brothers and sister(just like how her daddy fights for his friends XD). However, she feels depressed because Ike and Marth never even got to know that they could've been their children, too, and feels like someone who never even existed, since her existance was kept secret for so long and her parents never knew about her.

Soo, yeah, Garin and Emma could've been Ike's and Marth's other children, but they died, but Ray and Elise are alive. PLEASE, show them that there are people who DO care about them, they're ghosts, afterall.

Ike&Marth:O.O, they could've been our real 1st and 2nd children?! *feels rather guilty*

Ike:Ice, you REALLY have quite the imagination, don't you? feels guilty too*

Yes, I do, Ike, yes I do XD NO FLAMING, BTW D:< Unless you're kidding....

Super Smash Bros Fan Art
death, emma, garin, ghosts, ocs
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