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Embrace Your Dreams
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Okay, I should have finished this long long time ago... However, I was procrastinating until like...3 days ago xD then I looked at this challenge deadline and went "Whaattt?! Just few more days left?!" So I started working right away~ I already have this idea in my mind though.

I saw a PNG of this scene in Tsubasa. Here is the link.
Basically, I can't draw boys XD I want this one to look absolutely good, so I take "crossdressing", meaning girls dress in boys' clothing XDD oh, and they are all from Vampire Knight.

Well, from left to right. Juuri dresses as Syaoran (you might recognize Juuri from her curly hair), Yuuki as Sakura, Maria Kurenai as Fai, Ruka as Kurogane.
I picked Yuuki and Sakura because they both are kind-hearted and are willing to help others. Juuri might as well be Syaoran because they are both so calm and wise. Maria, well, she likes to giggle (or smirk XD) just like Fai. Ruka is kind, but she often doesn't show that side to anyone, just like Kurogane.

Well, enough talking, enjoy~ =3

Oh, and tomorrow I'll be going on a farewell camp for 2 days .__. I'll graduate from high school soon, so it's kinda sad >_<

Best wishes,

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