Magnus Lensherr (Fan Art Portfolio) My Brother - Realism!

My Brother - Realism!
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~ Cracks up ~ Until just now I forgot there was a 'personal' category, I am too used to putting pictures of me in 'other anime/manga!' Well my brother has not yet been in any 'other anime/manga' things I have done so he has to go into the personal section ~ Grins ~

Annoyingly enough I actually recommend looking at this from across the room (and definitely not in high resolution). I took it into the kitchen after I had finished it at midnight Thursday and while drying pots (my brother was washing up, I took it down to show him, he liked it!) I placed it across the room and liked it like that. From close up I like it less ~ Nods ~

As usual I have added the picture to my world for you to see if you want to know how I changed it, its here ~ Laughs ~ Elves if you see this I drew this picture before looking at comment (did that Friday) so I will be following your no line advice in the next image ~ Smiles ~ So this has lines! My poor brother has also ended up with lipstick and goth nail varnish ~ Bursts into hysterics ~ I couldn't stop laughing at that on Thursday ~ Was hyper ~He doesn't actually wear nail vanish or lipstick in case you are wondering and ladies (he might kill me for saying this but) he is single ~ Peace sign ~ In the picture he was meant to be looking seductive! I don't think that has come across in my image ~ Is not sure how seductive people are meant to look lol ~

So yea in short this is my first attempt at drawing my brother in realism and I quite like it. The picture is all in pencils ~ Peace signs ~ And was resized on GIMP. I didn't bother cleaning it up though so I don't want it seen in high resolution ~ Dances ~


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