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Vongola Undicesimo and Guardians
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These are characters to be appearing in my upcoming (massive) work Vongola Undicesimo which will be one of the few het-fictions in this fandom (I don't mind shounen-ai/yaoi, just not in utter excess unless part of the canon plot). I've already done some one-shots that would lead up to the story, which I shall post sooner or later. Trust me, I've been planning this for months and it will be epic.

Here are the characters:

Sawada Kiyohiko: "Yohi" is heir to the Vongola line and the reluctant hero. He moved to his uncle's place in Japan during middle school to avoid the Mafia life. What he was running away from caught up to him in his first year of high school, however, and he's being trained by Reborn to become the next Vongola boss.

Sasagawa Masaru: Ryohei's son and Kiyohiko's elder cousin by a year. He acts more like a brother to Kiyohiko than a cousin, which is helped by the fact they are in the same grade. Masaru is a lot like his dad, but also takes a few traits from his step-mom Hana.

Yamamoto Haruhi: Takeshi and Haru's daughter, Haruhi is extremely talented at baseball and is always cheerily smiling. She's been best friends with Masaru and Kiyohiko since they were kids

Hans Elsner: Goes by "Gokudera Ryuunosuke" while in Japan. Hans is only eight years old, but attends school with Kiyohiko thanks to advanced tutoring he received before he knew about the Mafia and was only preparing to take over his mother's businesses when she eventually retires.

Hibari Osamu: Exactly like his father except for one problem... he changes from a serious psychopath to a fun-loving, cheerful kid when whacked on the head. He currently terrorizes Namimori Middle School with his pet monkey Osaru and is the youngest head prefect since his father.

Damiano and Foschia Dokuro: Chrome's twins, the Dokuro twins couldn't be more unalike. Damiano is more reserved and quiet, while Foschia is a child prodigy and enters the Varia's ranks at the age of thirteen. Damiano hangs out with Kiyohiko and his friends in Japan, while everyone's pretty much glad that Foschia still lives in Italy either out of fear or disdain.

EDIT: I started the story. Read, please?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fan Art
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