irghost (Fan Art Portfolio) Do u know what it's like?

Do u know what it's like?
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Do u know what it's like
2 see the fear in his eyes,
2 see ur closest friend,
Fill himself with hatred n lies …

Do u know what it's like
2 listen 2 ur friend say "U don't need 2 care"
Even though him know u can’t,
N 4 him u always be there …

Do u know what it's like
2 not know what 2 say,
Because u never thought ur friend,
Would get this bad someday …

Do u know what it's like
When all u can do is cry,
Because there's nothing u can do,
He doesn't acknowledge anything u try …

Do u know what it's like
4 him 2 say, "I don't need u"
4 him 2 deny ur help,
But u know that’s not true …

Do u know what it's like
2 deal with all the pain,
Of having this friend,
Who thinks there's nothing 2 gain …

Do you know what it's like
2 be able 2 feel his pain inside,
Until u can't stand it anymore,
U urself want 2 run n hide …

Do u know what it's like
Knowing it could soon be the end,
Knowing anytime without notice,
U could lose ur closest friend …

Do u know what it's like
2 go through the trouble,
As u search through ur friend,
Looking through pieces like rubble …

Do u know what it's like
2 finally find that spot,
Where u can help him realize,
All that he has not …

Do u know what it's like
2 keep ur friend from blind,
2 keep ur friend from thinking,
Revenge is all his life …

Do u know what it's like
2 have this friend with u today,
Knowing he can count on u to be there,
If he needs ur help in any way …

Do u know what it's like
2 change somebody's mind,
2 be able 2 help them get back,
2 the person b4 who was a good guy …

I do know what it's like
It scared the hell out of me,
If I hadn't been able to help though,
I don't know where I would be …

I’m going 2 lose my friend
All of these words r true,
So if u ask “Do u know what it’s like?”
Then my answer is … I DO

Naruto Fan Art
cool, guy, light, mature, naruto, portrait, shadow
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