Aki Yamashima (Fan Art Portfolio) Bt Doodle Page Of Dewm!

Bt Doodle Page Of Dewm!
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Okay, um... I know you probably can't read my handwriting... it's a bit scrawly. XC Anywayz... I filled a piece of paper up with Bartimaeus Trilogy doodleness while reading the second book. :3 I just finished the third, taking only 2 days to do so. It's a pretty thick book, I'm proud of me. Even though I've gone two days ignoring anything being said in class... >.> Not good. Make-up work for teh Aki. D: So, um... if I was a mean person, I would give you absolutely NO background whatsoever on any of the people herr, but I'm actually a pretty nice person, so I won't. Or... will. :/ Whatever.

The EGYPTIAN (not Jewish, not Arabic, not Greek) BOY (not girl; though Ptolemy was said to have a lot of girlish features) there in the middle is Bartimaeus. :3 My personal favorite. If you've read the books, I'm sure he's your favorite, too. Anyways, he's a djinni (pronounced like 'genie') of intermediate power in service to Nathaniel, Most of the time. Djinn can shift shape, and Barty likes to be this boy. The boy was Ptolemy, an Egyptian prince back in 124 B.C.-ish. Bartimaeus and Ptolemy's past is really sad, but I won't go into that. Read the books. You'll like them.

The girl in the top left corner and in the bottom right corner punching the tar out of Nathaniel is Kitty Jones. She's pretty gangsta. :D Streetwise, headstrong, quick to fight, and quite the little anarchist. Attempted to overthrow the British government lots of times.

The rather girly-looking young jerkface found throughout the page is none other than Mr. John Mandrake, AKA (To Barty, and recently Kitty) Nathaniel. He had long hair in book 2... to my disappointment, he chopped it all off in book 3. D: So, um... he was kinda cute-ish in book one, being a little kid, and then he was a snooty jerk in book 2, and then in book 3 he realized what a jerk he was and started being nice again. Good Natty, have a crumpet. :3

The Bartimaeus Trilogy:
Book One: The Amulet of Samarkand
Book Two: The Golem's Eye
Book Three: Ptolemy's Gate

The Bartimaeus Trilogy and it's characters (c) Jonathan Stroud

Bartimaeus Trilogy Fan Art
bartimaeus, kitty, nathaniel, trilogy
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