Rankyaku (Fan Art Portfolio) Let's Climb To The Top!!

Let's Climb To The Top!!
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This is a climbing race!! Luffy and friends plus their brand new nakama, Brook :XD: , has just landed at an island named Coco King. Coco King is a species of coconut tree who has a giant size and only be able to grow on Coco King island( I made it myself :P ). Luffy who feel so bored finally came up with an idea : �Let�s race everyone! The person who reach the top of the Coco King for the first time will be the winner!� The crews agreed And the race began! Everyone use their own way to reach the top, except Chopper and Nami who decided to watch the race only. A few Coco Monkey also joined and light up the party. So, Who do you think will win? EDIT : well, I'll explain a little what happened there. Robin, she use her ability to make "flower elevator". Her left arms keep growing but the right arm keep ungrowing so she can move upwards. :P Usopp gone "Usopp aaah!" mode to climb, but then he tried to cheat by grabing Luffy's stretching hand. Franky who felt unfair, yell at him. :) Brook, Since he is pretty light, a few balloons is enough to lift him up. :D The monkey under him got surprised to si him :D Sanji is mocking zoro, Zoro got pissed and even more pissed when the monkey besides him tried to copy his pose. :XD: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phew! Finally, My newest art! This piece took a pretty much time, 10 hours, divided by a few days. Done on A3 paper and by 6 type of pencils : HB, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B for deeper shading, though the result isn�t as good as I expected. And I failed with the sky� though I thought it won�t affect much with the main pic. Hope you like!! :D

One Piece Fan Art
luffy, nami, one piece, pirates, sanji, zoro
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