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Sei-ten *competition*

Heya! This is for sei-ten's competition! Pretty much all we had to do was draw one of her OC's in our own way ^^ I chose to draw the character sei-ten (he's such a bishi!) XD So anyways, I was trying to think of ways to compose the pic and what to do for it and stuff and i thought of typical guy scenes I guess (as in him with a trench coat, katana etc...even thought about giving him wings at a point...) so anyways, I just wasn't happy with any of those ideas and then all of a sudden I thought about him wearing a kimono! lol!! So here's the result! Sorry the quality isn't great (the comp ends today and I quickly did it up today! *sweatdrops*) I was gona add a lot more detail in the kimono pattern and all sorts of things...but time was an issue...I mean it's midnight right now and I have to wake up at 6am for work! aaaah.... oooooh, and don't even get me started on things like his hand/ arm/proportions ok...they hate me (especially when I rush!) aaaand, as you can tell, I didn't use a ruler for the fan (although I hate using rulers when I;m likens to cheating in my books...unless it's perspective or graphics or So anyways....hope you like it Sei- ten! ^^ Wish I had time to finish it properly and colour it and everything....but I guess I'll just have to do it some other time ^^

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bishi, boy, fan, flower, kimono, sakura, sei-ten
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