myanimeworld149 class is in session

here's the dealio!

my friend and i are making a comic based on a music acadamy. yay!!!
i need teachers and students

here are the already made characters
-lillian: the ONLY fourth year
-jeremy: a second year
-isabella: a first year
-taffy: a third year
-mrs.ovalanne: history teacher
-aurther: principal/ lillian's father

there are only core classes and music classes, here are classes that open for teachers
-language arts
-forgeign languages (french and german)
-classic rock
-midevil (example: carillon, organ, sitar[note: not a demyx referance, look one up on google])
-hillbilly music(harmonicas, spoons, banjos, ect)
-others(pop, rock, hip-hop)

no rap classes, this is a musical acadamy for instruments, no vocal; aka, no choir, and you can't draw any fourth years! only lillian can be a fourth year

the uniforms are posted by the link below:

winners get to have their character in it!
honorable mentions gets cameos!


you can make adjustments to the uniform(color has to stay the same) but it has to keep the smae general ida, the dress style, corset and the badge on the large lapel. the guys...the only thing i can think of is if they want coat tails or not......

hope that helps your imagination! i the uniform isn't really the uniform idea...i'll try to get it in if you actually enter...i mean, i'll probably use everyone anyways.

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