Nino Umaka eMbArAsSiNg MoMeNtS!!!!!

I've finally been promoted! YES!

As the title suggests I want you to draw any moment that was either embarassing to you, a character in a book/manga/anime/tv show/rp/ ect. Simple right? Remember, it doesn't have to be anything that happened to doesn't even have to have happened at all. You can take characters and draw them in an embarassing moment in time that you can think up in your wonderous brain.

The whole point to this is to try and get me to laugh. If you can get me to laugh more than once on the same pic you get bonus points!

You can do this in any form you want, comic, pic, ...and any other form there may be.

1.You can use any medium. Pencil, markers, Colored pencil, cg, macaroni and yarn... Now that would amaze me and most likely make me laugh a lot. Does not have to be colored, but it might add to the scene if it is!

2. Please follow theO guidelines!

3. Specifing what I really don't want to see, No nudety, very very VERY little yaoi and yuri please. Perfurablly none at all, but I can't stop you. I know there are some scenes like in Naruto *shutter-it's not my fav anime/manga...* for example at the begining of the series. That's understandable.


5. Please dedicate it to me so I can know when you've sumbited quicker! You don't have to but it would be nice! =3

6. Have fun! Make yourself laugh while doing this!

1st - You get a full color request two people max with simple background please. I draw or one of your pics. A gift, medal and a sub from me if not already.

2nd - Two fully colored character request. Either I draw or one of your pics. A gift, medal and sub from me if not already.

3rd- Full line art two people max. I draw or one of your pics. A gift, medal and a sub from me if not already.

Two entries max and you have one month! Any questions just ask!

Awkward moments count as well! I guess I should've thought of stuff like that as well, but to me awkward and embarassing sorta run together! ^_^" So remember, you can also draw awkward moments!

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