Keya Alexis and James please!!!

Well…..seeing as these past 8 days have been really bad. I’m hoping this can help make me feel better. This is my first challenge so please go easy!

I would like you to draw my main couple from my novel Ends I’m working on. The girl is named Alexis, and the guy is named James. I would also like them to be in any romantic/coupley pose.

Here are their descriptions:

Name: Alexis
Age: 18
Species: Half vampire
Hair: Blood red bangs and tipped, black hair
Eyes: Hazel (blood red, gold, and green)
Skin: Very pale
Clothes: gothic (basically any goth dress -includes gothic lolita- or skirts or such/colors black and white, red, or light green); black collar with symbol in the middle, silver snakebites (not always needed), dangle earrings
Personality (if this helps): She's been depressed alot of her life (due to the mix of bloods in her) but she's alot better now, she tends to be serious, kind, can be warm hearted and very loving if you get to know her,

Link to her chibi (sorry it's the only drawing I have of her):

This is for her collar:

A "better" picture of the symbol:

Now for James:
Name: James
Age: 20
Species: Pure blood vampire
Hair: Jet black slicked back bangs
Eyes: Icy blue
Skin: Pale
Clothes: Anything dark colored and older fashioned (anything as simple as a long sleeve button up or long sleeve tethered shirt and black pants)
Personality: Quiet, aristocratic, I guess you can see mysterious, he's not one of the guys who everyone wants to know (NOT like Edward cullen/alot like Alexander sterling -if you know who that is/if not dont worry about it) but he is mysterious as in not many people know alot about him,

Here's a link for him:

Here’s a link to farrah2’s drawing of them:

Rules (yea I hate em too but still gotta have em):
• No tracing/stealing other’s art (you can use a reference pic but don’t claim someone else’s work)
• Any media (preferably colored)
• Free to any number of submissions! 
• Follow TheO rules
• Lastly, please dedicate it to me so I know you’ve submitted

1st: 2 colored requests
2nd: 1colored and 1 b/w request
3rd: 1 b/w request

You’ve got 1 month! :) Gooooo!!! (btw sorry it's really long, I like to describe things alot to help you)

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