kita mikichi Your Own Trading Card!

Everyone loves trading cards, right? Let's see you make your own!


1.Make your art look like a trading card. Model it off a Pokemon card or a sports card if you have to, but don't make a carbon copy. Include stats and/or info (for an information style collectible card where it basically just has a few stats and the character's background, you don't need things like HP and attack points).

2.For a trading card designed for gameplay, explain what the parts of the card mean (point out HP and attack/defense stats, etc.) in the description.

3.Color, Black and White? Traditional or digital? Doesn't matter. Feel free to use any media you want.

4.It has to be YOUR ORIGINAL CHARACTER. Fan characters aren't recommended because they are tied to an established series. Be creative!

5.Respect theO rules. (And really, no unnecessarily suggestive/skimpily-clothed characters on the cards. These are for people of all ages to enjoy.)

6.Entry limit? There isn't one. You can do as many as your heart desires. ^^ But only one of your entries can win.

Here's an example.


Shiny medals, of course, and...
First-- Gift + Color fanart request
Second-- Gift + Black and white fanart request
Third-- Gift

You have two months. Have fun with it!!!


Thanks for the entries, guys! Since you two were the only ones to submit artwork for this challenge, and your entries were SOO nice, you can both have color fanart requests. ^^ Just PM me to let me know what you want.

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Book Section Trading Card - Hiboshi Kikuze ~ecnelisterger
Awakened Young Warrior ~darksuzakurera
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